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What is NCT ?

NCT means National Certificate in Technology. This is a three years part time advanced technical training programme for individuals work in the fields of Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Quantity Surveying.
This course has been designed to provide man power with qualified technicians, mechanics, quantity surveys and technical officers to engineering and technical fields.

Specially this progrmme is restricted to those who are employed in relevant engineering fields. Most of students enter to this progrmme after finishing their primary level or craft level technical studies. Therefore when they are attached to this progrmme, they gain good practical knowledge about relevant fields. On successfully completion of the progrmme, they will possess sufficient technical knowledge and skill. During the three years of academic period, student can improve their technical knowledge step by step.

All modules of the training programme were planed on the information gathered from the industrial survey. The information was analyzed into precise statements describing the knowledge, skills attitudes which the students are expected to achieve. And this is a professional technical qualification program for Engineering Technicians which is conducted by the Department of Technical Education and Training.

NCT progrmme has been designed by the National Institute of Technical Education of Sri Lanka (NITESL- Further details: and course is conducted by the Government technical colleges which are spreaded in Sri Lanka under the Department of Technical Education and Training (DTET further information: ). The final examination and awarding certificate processes are handled by the Department of Technical Education and Training after 1996, before that was conducted by the Department of Examinations Sri Lanka.

For enhancing the level of NCT training program, new syllabus is introduced by NITESL in 2003 to NCT students with modern technological and management subjects.The instructor is supposed to aim at the module objectives by analyzing the unit objectives and preparing the lesson objectives accordingly.

Engineering subjects will give access to a world of career opportunities for the new generation.
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